Eagle Wings, Inc
Eagle Wings, Inc

Seated Bus

A perfect solution for transporting groups to local outings, airport shuttle, and longer trips. Seating capacity is 35 to 56 persons.

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Sleeper Bus

This bus is the preferred choice of schools & professional sports teams. It can sleep up to 30 & offers regular seating for 25 to 30.

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Trip Itinerary

We plan the trip, working closely with the group leaders, tailoring the experience to meet the needs and desires of the group.

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Eagle Wings is a Christian bus ministry that has three buses which seat 32 people and sleep about the same in each bus. The buses are considered sleeper buses, which means that drivers can get people to their location during the night while the passengers sleep. Where people can go vary from trip to trip.

Eagle Wings takes groups on mission trips to places like Gulfport, Mississisppi,  New Orleans, and Galveston, Texas to help with relief efforts due to hurricanes. Other groups visit New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia to tour the areas.  Sometime it's simply a group headed to a baseball game or on a pleasure outing.  The groups we take are as varied as the trips. Some groups are local; some are from other states. Nonprofit groups, such as local garden clubs, travel to flower shows in Chicago. We also transport groups from schools and universities to games, national tournaments and field trips.  In some cases, Eagle Wings is simply providing the transportation. At other times, Eagle Wings can provide Bible studies, meals and other ministry services.

Another aspect of Eagle Wings is the retreat ministry.  For example, a group may wish to leave of an evening, sleep all night on the bus and arrive at the foot of the mountains in Gatlinburg National Park, Tennessee.  The group can then spend the day hiking the trails and touring the sites in Gatlinburg and nearby Pigeon Forge.  By late afternoon, the group loads the bus for the overnight trip to Orlando, Florida, where they will wake up and spend the day at Disney or Universal Studios.  That evening, the bus is loaded once again, traveling overnight to the beach.  After one day of soaking up the rays, the bus heads home!

15 Year Anniversary
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Eagle Wings, Inc

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